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Every person
empowered to thrive


We created a systematic method to transform your natural mental gifts and preferences into a Superpower and Sidekick combination.


--- a power combination that supports and boosts your innate skills and knowledge to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself ---


     We call it the Whim of Iron Way to Empowerment

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Hi, I'm John. You met my partner and wife, Barbara. I hope you enjoyed her video. We met 68 years ago, at 14, and are now bringing you the benefit of lessons we learned.  

I invite you to sign up for our 2nd FREE Mini-Course. It gives you a quick take on our unique approach to unlocking your Superpower and Sidekick combination. It also introduces you to our Readiness Assessment tool, and our 3Rs of Empowerment.


If you want more information before signing up for this second FREE Mini-Course...

listen to this short video for my personal take as to how this second free course will help you decide if you are ready to join with us.

Every person empowered to thrive


No matter where you live, your (adult) age, gender, ethnicity, or extent of formal education... 




FREE Confirm Your 4-Letter MBTI®



Have you tried to use the powerful MBTI® "Type" instrument in the past, but you are not sure about your preferences or not able to apply them in your daily life?


Try our free Mini Course to access the time-tested method we have used since 1980  to independently con-firm our clients' 4-Letter MBTI® "Type." 


Confident in your preferences, you will be ready to join us on your empowerment journey.

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FREE Jump-Start Your Empowerment Journey


This Free Mini Introductory Course will unlock key insights and techniques to jump-start your journey to empowerment and be ready to benefit from day one. 


Complete our Readiness Assessment. Explore our propietary 3Rs for Empowerment. Experience our approach to working with you --- without any  obligation.


Ready to break free? Decide if you want to use the Whim of Iron Way to guide you further.

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READY?! Develop  your Superpower-Sidekick combo


This Course, and optional One-on-One Coaching, will go behind your 4-Letter MBTI® "gifts" to help you develop & use your hidden mental Superpower-Sidekick functions.


Learn how to use those powers to dramatically boost the impact of your other innate skills and acquired specialized knowledge.


Join us. Start applying and benefitting from the Whim of Iron Way from day one.

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Use Your Superpower to Interact With Others  

This Course and optional one-on-one coaching will prepare you to use your new attitudes, knowledge and skills to build better personal and business relationships in any setting.


Learn how to Recognize, Respect and Reframe(c) your approach to others.


Be more effective one-on-one, in teams, and in community groups.

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Select a Coaching Session Option


Four ways to work directly with either Barbara or John, or both, to achieve faster results: 

  • One-on-One Coaching add-on from within Whim of Iron courses
  • As needed, private One-on-One Coaching Session(s) 
  • On-going Coaching Plan
  • Small-group/team Coaching Sessions/Plans


Get the personalized Coaching assistance you need --- when you need it.

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What can you expect from a Whim of Iron Course?

Our Courses are all about recognizing your innate mental powers --- then developing and using them to achieve what you want out of life --- and having fun doing it. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be.


No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

We will be your guide and coach, not your teacher

Our goal is to see YOU achieve mastery, not become dependent on anyone, including ourselves.

We will guide you towards mastery, but this is your journey and you will be gathering the resources you need to achieve mastery of your Superpower and other core cognitive functions.

Try us out --- or join us.

We use real-life examples & offer practical suggestions

We provide plenty of real-life examples and suggestions to hlep you immediately apply the tools and knowledge that you gain.

We scatter exercises within our Courses  that task you with trying the steps out in your daily life and getting feed-back on the results.

And, our optional, online Coaching Sessions can directly address address any specific situation. 

Try us out --- or join us.

We mix it up with different styles to match preferences

You can choose what works for you, from reading to listening --- online chat to offline reflection --- independent study to trying options out in real life --- and progress checks to give you confidence.

Or, if you want, tackle a major challenge with our One-on-One coaching assistance.

Try us out --- or join us.

See our Free Get-Acquainted Courses


Choose one that suits you best

  • Experience how our Courses work before you decide to join
  • See how we will work with you to empower you to thrive 
  • Free Course to Confirm Your 4-Letter MBTI(R) "Type"
  • No obligation chance to decide if we are right for you.
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